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forced turbulence - nonsense
November 7th, 2012
03:41 pm


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forced turbulence
scores of predators roamed the countryside in pursuit of pleasantries. plenty of opportunities were presented to the predators as they padded along the prairie. all hope of finding a succulent meal was fading fast, and the animals went hungry quickly. they were gasping and angry, denied the life they deserved, maligned by the cosmos, a party to a bogus and deviant declaration. a unanimous decision was made that day, in haste. the beast with the shortest straw would be a sacrifice, bitten into with jaws, consumed, a fulfilling meal, an interesting development. painful realities were unfolding. destiny was doomed to repeat a historical inaccuracy. the deadpan audience reaction was lackluster, it didn't fulfill us or our fair sister, the mega-church. a negative reversal of ill fortune and the outcry, the reaction against the severed forces - it was too much to handle. a mess of a pariah was called upon to take blame for crimes committed against the flesh and the mind. other humans were dismissed, indoctrinated, persecuted, incarcerated, reviled, spit upon, eviscerated. you name it, it happened. i happened to know what was going on because i heard the significance in the tone of the gong. somebody wasn't going to make it to the next round, they were out of the show. poor things, always rupturing my spine, always leaving their children and pets behind in hot cars with rolled up windows. the suffocation is part of a grand plan, it's nothing to reprimand an off duty parent or guardian for. i can justify this whore - she's really an undercover officer of the law. she'll cuff you and break your jaw. she's got a gun and can use force if it comes down to it. now i'm down in it.

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