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lost - nonsense
November 28th, 2012
08:38 pm


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cock a doodle doo! rabid ramblings are suppurating, i'm celebrating the death of my childhood in the best possible way! this is an impossible day! a bumptious serenade surrounds my perception of the universe and i'm poised with pursed lips, pausing the timeline and rearranging atomic structures to suit my needs. i'm in need of very precise maneuvers, i'm supine, sublime, punctual and on a rapid line toward oblivion, i haven't much time left, but this hammer of mine has a pleasant heft. i shall use this weapon of destruction to rain blows upon my intellectual adversaries.i haven't got any worries since i've sneezed them all out. a clean conscience and an empty hissing mind are tools of the trade for this jackass horny spade. all trades are corrupt, the trade routes were dusty and i felt stuck in an occupation of my own choosing. as i was losing the game, i became aware of certain self-fulfilling prophecies. my knees would not weaken with increasing pleasure. bereft of sensation, my body was a broken trigger for a psychedelic gun. no fun. the release was thwarted by a chemical imbalance and a sick twist on brain chemistry and habitual behavior. no scooby snacks were awarded to my personal angelic devil assistants, they fell out of my favor. how many personalities are there in my head? i thought there was just one, but what is it i've become? more than one sickness. permeated by parasitic intelligences, balanced and fair usage of mental resources, fox news style. i'm sick like a fox, i've got big curls, i'm mopping the floor with anyone else's idea of who i am. for now i'm running away, on the lam. i eat veal and i'm prancing in underwear under ceiling fans that dance. my acting is wooden, my song is broken, my vocals are pained and straining under the weight of a weary life. a dreary circumstance that's beyond any military man's control. i'm allowed to howl at anything because it's my right. born without a cause, with razor teeth and claws, ripping my way out of the womb and shrieking like a loon, i am bathed in violence and madness, i'm never allowed any tenderness, it's all ravenous unbalanced savagery. like an idiotic demon, a felonious animal, a broken toy with malicious intent, a new mutation of bacterium infecting the population with incurable psychosis. now is the time to commit to ideas of absolute morbid sacrilegious acidic vitriolic explosion. doom on a galactic level. mow down the bored looking crowd to polite golf applause. use your jaws.

with bacon frying, my eyes are set on a new prismatic prize. a system overloading with piss. the birth of a vicious fist, flying out of an anus toward my face. i have found my place in the warped dimension we inhabit. my habitat is fantastic and orbits an enormous beating heart. where do i end, where should i start? what's the purpose of prune-like fingers in the bathtub? will you give your guardian a hug or will you spit in his face? what are the consequences of any possible action i take? i feel total freedom, a strong sexual impulse angrily shaking inside my skin. there are ways to commit sins without any regret. it's called dominance, it's a winning bet. it's a safe thing to take part in, part my hair and slide into the tunnel of sloppy fraudulent sorrow. you can borrow my mantra: "do what you wanna."

all spirituality is intellectually bankrupt. all emotions except anger and despair are illusions, and we don't even care. sex and the desire to manipulate others is a tangible unbreakable thing. it's a laughable and fragile cycle with increasing frequency as the population rapidly increases. the fruitful disease of humanity is bringing any hope of a utopia to its knees and smashing its head in with a rock. rock my world. i'll swallow the sword of disgust and annihilate the trust that i had in my own promises. i only exist to mystify myself and stifle the cries of an inept elf. bring the end to all meaningless activities immediately. satisfy me.

Current Mood: nauseatednauseated

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