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everybody loves raymond - nonsense
January 15th, 2013
04:52 pm


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everybody loves raymond
automatic life procession down memory lane into chapel of upheaval. snuff out disgust. quiet the moody mindlessness suffocating the otherwise predominant optimism. calming melodies exist in untamed dimensions and surround the sputtering crowds with a pacifying field of elegant mysticism. undulating wildly, pirouetting, smiling, dozens of drones dream of donning capes and sipping tea, eating scones, stuffing faces with ice cream, ponying up, getting up to no good, but getting down to it on the dance floor like nobody's business. the ABCs of a vengeful deity and his reigning raging frothing wrath. unmapped, unhinged, not wanted, thrown out the door. defenestration is imminent. those repellent goons tried my patience with their jabbering about wrong politics and small ideas. easy distractions, sleazy interactions with ugly fools bumbling around in the prison yard of a grocery store floor. i mop and scrub, i see the disease, it doesn't bother me. basic filth i can understand and even tolerate on certain levels, but large multi-cellular lifeforms with their hideous mannerisms and idiotic speech patterns disturb me, they make me behave badly mentally. a breakdown of sorts occurs, a certain switch is flipped, i can't flip the script quick enough to evade the arrows of non-thought being hurled like vomit toward my innocent face. i'm about to trace my fingers over the invisible weapons in my hands and reprimand the damned.

a bunch of knaves with knives can commit unspeakable crimes in my favor. i will enjoy this, i will savor the destruction that the idiots bring. i will fling their blood from my hands with contempt. i can't expect any less from the best idea i've ever had. am i mad? i can't get mad, i'm too complacent and atrophied, i'm not up to speed with the ways human beings interact these days. with a new year, i get bored and tired, i was told that i was mired in a swamp of unimaginative drivel. my inner narrator is a cruel bastard, i've got to do something about him. sometimes you need to break up with your friends. sometimes a video game is a means to an end. i will not tolerate any more nonsense, i will only add up all the facts like dollars, i will ignore all those hollers. people yelling at me will be dealt with appropriately. they will be humiliated and infected. i will be celebrated and respected by every person on the planet. this is my dream, this is my TV show. this is my universe, i'm the center, yo. if you think i'm lying, you'll be sad to learn that i'm not. you can go crawl into a hole and rot under six feet of soil. with all my strength and mental agility i toil for your entertainment and edification. i'm like a lousy cartoon with a low budget and half-assed voice acting. i don't hear you clapping! applause! celebrate the frauds! sell your soul to imaginary gods! succeed in denying all the facts, and relax! you can have your half eaten cake and treat it to a makeover! add some more frosting, add some more batter, add a few more sprinkles to the platter, then just look at it - eat chocolate and get fatter!

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