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fez - nonsense
January 21st, 2013
11:23 am


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game over, loser. the government wins. the assignment was spurned and i warned you that the mission would go unfulfilled like a lonely libido in a frying pan. you jump from flames and burn the soles of your feet. you are incomplete, and an inconvenient truth is revealed to unbelieving nay-saying eyes. yes, the shadow bestowed its grand vision and lack of perception to those in need of knowledge transplants. i planted new ideas into the corrupt minds of my brethren. the soldiers, the swine of seduction. the infertile descendants of purple hazes from forty years ago. like ants, the hive-mind is perplexed and bedridden. wetting their beds, the drones assemble, boggled by mindfucking energies. the declaration of insurmountable obstacles is preached to an unconverted mass of hurting herds. they receive and dispense pain with the casual mindlessness of a the daily working man's routine. the success here is given to worthless worms with palms upturned, begging for a frontal lobotomy when they sweat on top of me. i am gagged, and i whine. i comply. i'm subhuman, but sublime. a footprint in animal history, a damned individually wrapped astronaut trapped in another eon across the universe. five thousand light years separate my actual identity from the clumsy presence of my perceived individuality. a section of time, unreachable by current human means, cannot destroy my invincible destiny.

gorged on fluorescent lifeforms, the idiotic roiling mass of a man winces at the thought of ingesting any more. he is a prisoner of his own mind, and he knows not what he does. he's an elephant of unhappiness, just dust in my hand. i've been standing still for so long that the dust develops thickened hills onto my outstretched hands. the top of my head terminates in a cone of filth: my crown. the truth, thickened, quickened my pulse. my arteries burst and i experienced blood loss. i was speechless, but my mind's eye, the third eye, took in a bewildering assortment of unearthly colors. i experienced unreal pleasures, my better understanding of the demands desired by those in command. the telepathic link between master and slave was established. i banished the idea of my inferiority to the corner. time out. no need to pout or sulk. there's no anticipation of any inactivity or misuse of my finite time in the physical realm. the universe needs me to sort out certain things. round holes, expectant blocks, activities relevant to my cause. the awe experienced by my apostles is invigorating. i tremble with reverence. my lying conscience is a supreme nuisance. i can't resist these illusions of compassion. happiness is out of fashion. break the chains of foolishness for my sake. drink the chemicals that you need. spy on your neighbors. be a good person, do me a favor. enslave the inner voices. you have choices, but don't realize the damning energies that have controlled you and your dad. i control the bad emotions that suffocate creativity. i nourish the flames of anger and regret. i pet and stroke the little malevolent creatures in my head. the resignation, the dread, the curiosity, the sense of failure, the sense of confusion. if i may be so bold, i will inevitably have my heart sold. who needs that fragile machine? it's obsolete. my obnoxious routine stinks. it's clearly a lifestyle for schmucks. i'm making the big bucks, dude. don't deny that i have attitude. i've got moxie. i'm straight up in the air hugging clouds. i'm on cloud nine. i plummet to earth quickly and land on dirt clod ten. my name is sludge. i'm a permanent guest in the house of fevered passion. i'll make your hat spin.

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