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slick. - nonsense
January 23rd, 2013
04:36 pm


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snowman holocaust. semi-erect bloodbath fasting portly words hiccuping and allowing layaways. wasting the days and the years. weeks ahead of time and rosemary. boring fairy, lactose intolerant. i will not tolerate scat man. i vomit in a can. i can can, but betelgeuse is cool, man. doing a song and dance routine, eating poutine. creatine, lindy-hop massage parlors, deserted highways to the end of the country.

david's lost and hiding seek frustration. found at supermarket in basket allowing dead dogs to rip apart stockings. pantyhose blocking pubic entrance, entrancing the doped up children, bulldozers are aroused. bespectacled crowds howl with growing mirth. check out the BBW's girth. she is a beautiful specimen. i can treat her to my sexytime regimen. like a hardening raisin caked with sugar, an explosive grandfather clock encroaches like the army of cockroaches on my linoleum kitchen floor. i got it at the store. i store my woes in public storage, it's an abhorrent practice, like my godawful singing and saxaphone playing. damn, i'm hating myself now, like a beetle crossed with a cow, an unusual mutation with sickening images to share. don't dare me, ride my unicycle when you're as high as me naturally. satisfy the bestial deep-rooted instincts and get inked up at the tattoo shop. get a tattoo of a mop and a broom. be a damned apprentice, but send me lettuce in the mail. don't worry if it starts to stink over time, i will end the life of the sodden pine. i use axe, i chop it down, i clown around as it hits the ground by yelling "timber!" i am at a loss for words, sarge. aw, now i'm all snarky and bedbugs bit me in my sleep, i'm just as nasty as my youngest niece. she's incomplete and her hedge isn't trimmed, but i can sand her edges down with sandpaper. just let me get this diaper off, and we're off the races. we mix it up and wash our dirty faces in the mud. let's get studded with a bedazzler. i'm faster than alex trebek on a moped. i'm so dead when they handle my corpse. of course i was eating creamed corn! nobody understood the ramifications of my insistence on eating vegan meals, and the occasional dinner of veal, but my zeal will not be surpassed or seen as a flash in the pan! i have demands, and i have projects that are in the can: they've been completed, just like this fresh essay for your consideration and condescension. i don't want no dissension, i only have the very best of intentions for my henchmen. go to hell. send me the bill. everything's swell, because i drank all the water in the well. well, well, well... isn't that wonderful and unique. a prismatic laughably tragic excuse for something barbaric. you are a used up worn out bored out your gourd loose lipped loser of the lowest common denominator. your IQ is negative, i'm dejected by this information. i can't have a good time anymore because i've been stripped of my duties as an unpaid cultural slaughterer.

Current Mood: sweaty hands

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