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freak. right, wrong. blackout. - nonsense
January 22nd, 2013
02:01 pm


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freak. right, wrong. blackout.
it would please me to please you. i don't even know who you are, but you deserve some pleasure in life. inhale the pleasure like smoke from a cigarette. feeling good is your right. the right to ecstasy is inalienable. taking away my good times would be shameful. questionable tactics, a wreck, a havoc unleashed with warlike fervor. with afterburners glowing, the harmful substance abusers abused their children and sold them at auction for a carton of cigars. milky white substances give you sustenance and provide a lift. the dozing security guards are not doing their jobs right. they need to be ejected from the building. don't do it wrong, i'm warning you. i'm losing my feathers. i'm always haunted by hunters. impeach the watermelon. don't do it unto others. search your room for proof of purchases. slather yourself with talcum powder. don't take a shower. do some jumping jacks. do push ups and sit in my lap. extend your arms. bend your knees and push them out. shout out loud. wreck your car.

hey, i care about you. what can i say that won't result in my expulsion from your consciousness?

"you're one persnickety sumbitch!" said the bald man to the witch.

"you're a fabulous performer, darling, but let me drink my bottled water in peace!" she responded indignantly. she was repulsed by the bawdy bald man, and she ran.

"hey, come back, please! i want you to bend your knees and accept my seed! have mercy on my lust! have compassion for my perverse libidinal cravings! oh my!" he cried.

"you won't catch me with my panties down, you clown! i'm off to the west, for that is my home, that is where i lay. i shan't lay with a man such as yourself, you snazzy elf! i mean to insult you with that term, and i hope it burns!"

"you cowardly wench! go back whence you came if it is i you wish to maim! i won't complain! see you on the flip side, burnt pancake wombat! i'm all that!"

the witch took off on her broom with a bang and a zoom. she lived beyond the moon. beyond pakistan and disneyland. beyond all the thriving schoolchildren in the badlands.

"that witch will have her day," grumbled the bald man. "she cannot live without one such as i. i can't ascertain why a lovely woman with her values would choose to reject a charming handsome bloke like me. i just can't seem to see why that would be! jeez."

the bald man walked back to his hut and went to sleep. the end, freak!

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Date:January 23rd, 2013 09:56 am (UTC)
Snazzy elf
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